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We offer sophisticated, quality and affordable tools useful for electronic design and also manufacturing:

For anyone who works with microcontrollers and programmable logic devices,
our products are must-have development, production and service tools.
They offer hard-to-find, even unique features, while keeping affordable prices.
Our products let you enjoy your work and significantly enhance your productivity.

Our products are made in good will to serve as best as possible. They are not intentionally "crippled" to offer only limited features. We try to get as much features as the construction allows.

Our products are made by developers for developers. Our engineers use them everyday while working on custom projects, facing the same problems as you do. Our customers provide us with valuable feedback that helps us to constantly enhance our products.

High quality and performance, excellent, quick and long-term support as well as problem-free availability persuaded also various manufacturers to use our tools for production and service purposes. So you can find e.g. multiple PRESTO programmers built-in as a part of a product line.

We provide free unlimited life-time software support for our products.

Information about discontinued products (including the documentation and software) is still available in our Museum.

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