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Detailed comparison of PRESTO and FORTE

Speed Fast - clock speed up to 3 MHz
Perfect for MCUs and EEPROMs, good for Flash memories and FPGAs
Very fast - clock speed up to 30 MHz (output only) or 15 MHz (output/input cycle)
Excellent for all supported devices - close to their theoretical optimal timing
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps) USB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbps)
Core technology CPLD (simple commands without timing) FPGA (embedded processor allows for complex and highly flexible operations)
Programming algorithms Synchronous only (timing controlled by a clock signal)
Popular parts supported - Microchip, Atmel & TI MCUs; EEPROM & Flash memories...
Synchronous and asynchronous ("selftimed" - e.g. UART-like, UNI/O, 1-Wire, ...)
Virtually any serially programmable device can be supported.
I/O voltage range
  • 5 V TTL/CMOS (with internal voltage from USB)
  • 3.3 V TTL/CMOS (with internal voltage from USB and optional header HPR3V3)
  • 2.7 ... 5.5 V (only with external voltage)
  • 1.2 ... 3.6 V (only with external voltage and optional header HPR1V2)
1.2 ... 5.5 V (built-in, with both external & internal voltage)
Programming interface VPP + I/O, VCC, GND + 4 data lines (2 I/O, In, Out) VPP + I/O, VCC, GND + 7 I/O; eight individually configurable pullup/down resistors
Device supply voltage
  • Fixed nom. 5 V from USB (varies from 4.4 to 5.25 V)
  • Fixed nom. 3.3 V with optional header HPR3V3
  • External source
  • Variable 1.2 ... 5.5 V
  • External source
Supply voltage monitor Simple - 4 steps only:
None (<2 V), <5 V, approx. 5 V, Overvoltage
"Voltmeter" - range: 0 ... 5.5 V,
resolution: 10 mV, factory calibrated
Programming voltage Fixed: 13 V Variable: 6.5 ... 17 V
Supply current limitation None Fixed (current source)
Overcurrent protection Software driven, reaction time depends on host PC Internal, fast operation
Overvoltage protection Implemented
(VCC + I/O: Zener diode + resistor)
(VCC: TVS diode, I/O: TVS diode + resistor)
ESD protection Basic (built-in CMOS ESD protection) Extended (additional ESD TVS diode)
Application voltage discharge Uncontrolled, slow (1 kOhm resistor) Controlled, fast (27 Ohm resistor)
Programming cable ASIX standard ICSPCAB8
(1 compound + 7 flying wires)
ASIX standard ICSPCAB8
+ new ICSPCAB16
(1 compound + 10 flying wires)
User interface 2 LEDs (green & yellow), programmable GO button 2 LEDs (green & yellow/red - improved error indication), programmable GO button
Software UP + MultiUP, JTAG Player, DLL, Tester, (ARMINE, eCOG programmer - obsolete) UP + MultiUP, JTAG Player, DLL, Tester
On the market Since 2004 Since 2012
(for 1 unit, w/o VAT)
EUR 120.- EUR 245.-

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