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PRESTO supports wide range of devices:

  • Microchip PIC®, dsPIC/PIC24® and PIC32® MCUs
    Serially programmable devices (all Flash and the most popular OTP/JW).
  • Atmel AVR® and 8051 architecture MCUs
    Devices with SPI low voltage serial downloading - for example ATtiny12, AT90S8535, ATmega128 and AT89S51. AVR devices with the TPI interface - e.g. ATtiny10.
  • 32-bit ARM-based MCUs by various vendors
  • Texas Instruments MSP430® and CC430® MCUs
    (Security Fuse blowing and Bootstrap loader memory programming is not supported).
  • Chipcon (now Texas Instruments) CCxxxx® MCUs
  • Cypress PSoC® MCUs
    CY8U21xx, CY8U24xx and CY8U27xx.
  • Components with JTAG interface
    - types which can be programmed using SVF or XSVF file - for example
    • CPLDs - Xilinx (XC95xx, CoolRunner, ...), Altera, Lattice and others
    • FPGA configuration Flash PROMs - Xilinx (XC18Vxx, XCFxxS)
    • Atmel ATmega
  • Serial EEPROM and Flash memories
    • I2C (24LCxx)
    • Microwire (93LCxx)
    • SPI EEPROM (25Cxx)
    • SPI Flash EPROM (M25Pxx, M45PExx, ...)
  • Cyan Technology eCOG1
    OBSOLETE - THESE DEVICES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Including basic debug control via eICE interface (Run, Stop, Reset).

The  ➜ complete list of devices supported by the program UP  with comparison chart for all ASIX programmers.

Note for low-voltage versions of Microchip parts: The programming algorithm for the PIC...LF... devices is the same as for the PIC...F... devices. So, when you need to program e.g. the PIC18LF2420 chip, select the PIC18F2420 device.

If you need to program a device not listed here, please contact us and, if PRESTO is able to support the device, we will implement it. Addition of any part manufactured by the vendors listed above is free in most cases, sometimes we will charge you a moderate fee.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

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